100 Champions Initiative

Our educational initiative supports young persons in their personal development. Our matter of concern is magnificently backed by different societal players like companies, governmental institutions, foundations as well as private persons.

The educational initiative “100 Champions for your Region” was launched in different German states – for instance in Saxony with “100 Champions for Saxony” - with great success in 2010. Central aim of the initiative is the support of young persons between 14 and 25 to promote their development to self-confident, committed and value-oriented humans.

We define Champions as persons who are able to set personal, desirable goals and reach them with their individual commitment. With the help of companies, governmental institutions and other actors more than 500 young persons could participate in the course “Making of a Champion” until the end of 2013. During the years 2015 and 2016 Youth Globe and LMI DACH achieved an outstanding result another time. In the follow-up initiative “2015 Champions for Germany, Austria and Switzerland” more than 1200 young people got sustainable support for the next steps in their life. The impact of our activities within the regions will be maximized with the launch of the initiative “100 Champions”.

We are looking forward to get broad-based support from sundry actors like companies, associations, governmental institutions and private persons. All of them help to stimulate the development of the young generation in a sustainable manner. With the inclusion of the LMI courses “Effective personal Leadership” and the “Championstour” in the initiative we provide three “Champions-courses” which optimally fit seven different groups of participants. Impressive results are ensured with a close support over a period of six to ten months. Please find some interviews and references from previous participants below. Contact us if you need further information or if you are interested to support our initiative.



Target Groups and central Topics for the “Champions Tour” and the Course “Making of a champion”

Pupils about to graduate

  • Professional orientation

  • Discussion of values

  • Determination of personal goals

  • Time planning

  • Exchange in an enriching atmosphere

Trainees and Students

  • Taking responsibility for the own life

  • Discussion of values

  • Determination of personal and professional goals

  • Development of personal competences

  • Prioritization of goals

Young Professionals

  • Analysis of great personal potential

  • Development of competences to work in teams

  • Determination of private and professional goals in the medium-term

  • Building the bond to a company

  • Development of communicative skills and empathy in professional environs



Young People in Unemployment

  • Detection of personal strengths, fostering of motivation and self-confidence

  • Discussion of personal values

  • Definition of personal goals and creation of success stories

  • Support in searching and finding apprenticeships and jobs

Young Migrants

  • Study materials in German language (translations are available in English, French, Arabic and other languages)

  • Support in learning German

  • Intensive discussion of personal values

  • Main focus is the orientation towards professional goals (personal goals are included too)

Target Groups and central Topics in the LMI course “Effective Personal Leadership”

Future Leaders

  • Determination of personal and professional goals

  • In-depth discussion of personal values, to raise awareness to act as a role-model

  • Reinforcement of implementation expertise

  • Development of a natural authority

  • Treatment of errors and group dynamics

*Please send a request, if a cooperation with LMI is available in your region.



Young Entrepreneurs

  • Determination of goals based on self-realization

  • Competences

  • High success-rates by using methods of goal planning

  • In-depth discussion of personal values

  • Accelerated development of a natural authority

  • Development of Vision and Mission for your company

  • Better development of personality within your workforce

  • In-depth understanding of motivational forces

  • Effective talent management

  • Basics of effective strategic leadership

Information for Partners

YOUTH GLOBE aims to convince a large magnitude of different societal actors to become partners. Those actors include companies, governmental agencies, foundations as well as private persons. As a partner you have multiple opportunities to support our initiative: 

- You finance the participation of your trainees and young employees in our courses.
- You finance the participation of young people in our courses to attract them as future employees.
- You finance the participation of young people in our courses due to your engagement for the region.
- You support the realization of the course and / or the marketing activities of the initiative.
- You support with the Glober-Bonus.


For your trainees you enable the participation in the “Championstour”.

A young workforce causes efficiency gains and thereby fosters goal-achievement. Experiences with former participants provide striking evidence for the reduction of conflicts, an improved working atmosphere and better performance of young employees. At this occasion the participants positively influence the older workforce. The charism of our graduates works across the boundaries of the company and manifests in an improved firm-image.
OPTION 2        

You sponsor the participation for pupils and students in the „Championstour“. By that you attract highly qualified employees.

We provide multi-channel (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, your own channels) announcement of available places in the course.

Our services include many add-ons, such as:
•    Posters which refer to the possibility of participation in our courses which you can show in your premises.
•    Joint discussions with subsequent assessments of the likelihood to be successful.
•    Inclusion of special tasks (e.g. presentations) related to your company into the course.
•    Much more is imaginable. Feel free to contact us for further information.

You observe the personal development of young people and get impressions about their practical capabilities. Your benefits are the direct access to young Champions and an increased image within your region. 

You sponsor the participation for pupils and students in the „Championstour“. The aim of your engagement is to support schools, projects or particular groups within your region.

It is a matter close to your heart to support young people of your region? With the sponsoring of the participation in a course you immediately support their personal development. Together with you we define the target group, be it pupils, young people with precarious living conditions or persons in your specific environment. Depending on your personal requirements you can choose the participants alone or we will support you. Under certain circumstances we can organize co-financing for your sponsorship from certain societal actors (e.g. employment agencies). Please contact us so that we can check available opportunities individually.

You support the realization of the course and / or the marketing activities of the initiative.

For the realization of our courses we look for special places and we strive to find extraordinary compositions of the YOUTH GLOBE events. We invite magnificent speakers for our presentations and fascinate our participants with great venues. We are looking for interesting partners which enrich our highlights like the Awarding Ceremony and the Championsnight. It is our idea to offer presentations of special companies in advance of the Championsnight. There is a large variety of ways to present yourself, be it presentations of new products or interesting concepts for young people. We are looking forward to exchange ideas personally.

With the usage of the Glober-App young people invest in their education. You acknowledge their engagement with the Glober-Bonus.

The Glober-App promotes the personal development of the participants in a holistic way. Participants are prompt to deal with values and goals in all areas of life. The continuous pursuit of the achievement of milestones is incentive and recognition at the same time. The usage of the app positively influences the professional life. With the Glober-Bonus you acknowledge the engagement of the participants.

Partners of our initiative

A comprehensive overview of our partners divided into regions you can find  here.