About Us

YOUTH GLOBE is an international network.

Our central activities are the promotion of individual exchange at YOUTH GLOBE events, the development of personal talent within the local YOUTH GLOBE clubs as well as rewarding seminars and courses.



Our Creators

The people at YOUTH GLOBE.



Our Activities

The video club presents images of the past months.



Our Beginnings

Stefanie and Cindy with the implementation of their first musical idea.

    Our mission

Our approach is a holistic one. We encourage and demand a personal and individual creation of a happy life through mutual support.  The Globers of the network get specialized support in the professional and private field and are thus prepared for their further development.

    Our principles

The work of YOUTH GLOBE aims to foster an esteeming cooperation of the people of this planet. All employees of YOUTH GLOBE feel committed to our core values.

YOUTH GLOBE promotes life-long learning and appreciates the development of personal leadership-skills. We make champions by helping people to pursue self-determined and valuable goals.  Of course champions help others to achieve their own goals.

Globers understand themselves as global citizens which do not rule out to proudly represent their own nationality. We appreciate regional customs, practices and particularities. As long as they are compatible with the general human rights of the United Nations we respect any attitudes and habits.

Employees of YOUTH GLOBE keep off any practices and methods which aim to limit individual freedom of speech and the development of specific habits and attitudes.
We don’t use any commercial advertisement at our platform. Data and information will not be passed to third parties as long this is not required by law. YOUTH GLOBE complies with the European GDPR laws.

    Our vision

Globers are perceived and valued as enriching people. They are role models how to manage a precious cooperation at this planet.

    Social Media

Of course you can find us on all Social Media.
Please find interesting news about YOUTH GLOBE on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You will find information on global and national teams at the same time.
The most important news you will find in the YOUTH GLOBE blog.


    Our offer

Please find further information on workshops and courses under the  Seminars tab . Under the Dates tab you find interesting opportunities and specific dates for each  area of your life . In the Clubs tab you can find the description and an overview of our talent clubs. The clubs active in the regions and contact persons can be found at Teams - have a look! 

    Our Values

Honesty and Cosmopolitanism everday

We are honest and obligatory in everything we say and do. Neither our social interest nor our responsibility stops at national borders. We define ourselves as Global Citizens.

Fair, respectful and appreciative together

Since we know that a fair and achievement-oriented together bears large advantages for the individual, we distance ourselves from any form of discrimination. We show solidarity with people that face restrictions in their personal development for whatever reason.

Holistic personal development

The meaning of our life basically encompasses development in all fields. We deal with our potentials and derive attractive personal goals.

    Our target groups

Our members are called Globers and can be divided into three age groups:

YOUTH GLOBE Startups:                         aged 3-13
YOUTH GLOBE Youngsters:                  aged 14-25
YOUTH GLOBE Leaders:                     aged25 plus

    Our scope

YOUTH GLOBE teams work together internationally and at the national level. For that reason you will find any information in English language as well as in the respective national language.

    Glober App

YOUTH GLOBE facilitates and requires competences for implementation in all fields of life. Therefore we provide the  Glober-App  – a must have for everyone.

Our Areas of Life

A good structure helps to get a quick and clear overview. For that reason we have divided our daily lives into ten distinct areas. The division should help to plan and implement goals. Of course our classification is not totally selective and some activities might be sorted into more than one area. It is for instance your own decision if you put your participation in the next marathon into the area friends, hobbies or health.


How to deal with my body? Nutrition, fitness and presence to others. Fostering health is our first priority.


How do I spend the time with my parents, siblings, children and relatives? My family environment shapes me and I can shape this environment too.

Education & Profession

We dedicate a bulk of our time to our professional careers. So we have to ask ourselves if we work to live or if we want to live also in our work? What should my working life look like? How am I active?


How can I manage my financial assets in a conscious manner? How can I plan my expenditures in the short, medium and long run? Do I have an overview?

Intellectual Education

As human beings we are curious by birth. A new language, the function of technique or the discovery of new knowledge. Stay tuned is the motto.


Cultural activities can be an immense enrichment. The visit of a museum, concerts, playing an instrument or shaping a special event – all of these activities mean pure feeling.


The passion for our hobbies binds and fascinates us. No matter if we follow the hobby in a club, with friends or on our own.


Shared happiness is double happiness. To give and to take among friends makes us stronger. It makes totally sense to invest our time into friendships.


Where is my responsibility as a human, as a citizen of a country? Where is my responsibility as an inhabitant of a continent or this planet? We should raise our consciousness for those kind of questions.


Simply successful – we should make our life valuable. Get to know our values helps to develop them and translate them into action. 


YOUTH GLOBE assigns awards for outstanding achievements in three different categories. The awards are given at the regional, national and international level.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


The CHAMPION Award recognizes the
superior performance of young people who
have accomplished a Champions - program.
The award honors participants who have
not only achieved their personal goals with
great commitment but have given new
momentum to their personal environment.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


The YOUTH GLOBE Award recognizes and
commends people who have particularly
distinguished themselves through their engagement in the promotion and development of those who will shape tomorrow’s society.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

AIMY Award

The AIMY Award honors personalities who can serve as role models for the success they have already achieved. Personalities who have risen to exceptional challenges in their personal, social and professional life and have mastered these challenges with outstanding commitment.

Award Winners

  • Adilshah Nadiri

  • Fatima Hassoun

  • Joshua Wendt

  • Laura Celine Wrosel

  • Chantal Schubert

  • Victor Esser

  • Jean-Pierre Laeser

  • Alexander Eckardt

  • Katharina Haupt

  • Isabell Tietze

  • Rachel Cemlyn-Jones

  • Caroline Plocher

  • Maximilian Zachmann

  • Gemeinsam: Florian & Lena Skok, Ole Bick, Arnold von Bohlen, Ugo Argangino

  • Wolfgang Klötzer

  • Gillian Wall

  • Merlyn Beeman

  • Birgit Lechtermann

  • Ernst Holzmann

  • Thomas Sonnenburg

  • Detlef Arlt

  • Jad Jreijri

  • Andrea von Bohlen

  • Tom Barcal
  • Renèe Weibel
  • Cindy Bracholdt