100 CHAMPIONS Initiative

Since the beginning of 2017, YOUTH GLOBE which is based in Dresden GmbH has been running the "100 Champions" initiative. The company’s objective is to support young people in developing young champions. For YOUTH GLOBE “champions” are people committed to achieving their personal and professional goals. "Youth has an inexhaustible power to create a happy life, which means in our terms a fulfilling private and professional life " emphasizes El Houkayem, manager of the company. Cooperation with various partners, from institutions, companies to individuals, support YOUTH GLOBE and enable the latter to provide an interesting and enriching program for the young participants. The success of the program in cooperation with LMI DACH in different regions encouraged the initiators to start in other regions and countries. "The analysis of personal values, as well as setting the design of future life path has a great outcome. Own strengths are discovered and expanded, new suggestions and views are leading to surprising possibilities to the participants development. The greatest joy for us is to see our students gradually becoming “Champions” of their own life" adds Mrs El Houkayem. The success so far has gained recognition beyond the national borders; from Lebanon, Colombia, South Africa, China, Morocco, England and other countries participants requested for the expansion of the initiative. YOUTH GLOBE faced the challenges and launched "100 Champions" as an initiative that consists of a growing number of initiatives such as "100 Champions for Saxony" or "100 Champions for Lombardy". On our website: www.100Champions.com you can find more information regarding this initiative and its  development. "We are working on the acquisition of many partners in further regions who could contribute to our initiative and support young people to impact their lives and their social environment" explains Maryline El Houkayem.


The highlight of the Champions Night who took place in Saxony was the presentation of the awards of all three categories: YOUTH GLOBE Award, Aimy Award and the Champion Award to the winners (videos on the event on Youtube at "YOUTH GLOBE TV"). The German participants were delighted by guests from other countries and all together enjoyed the successful event. In 2018 the championsnight will occur in additional cities.


Now it is official: the YOUTH GLOBE project "25,000 Champions in Europe" is under construction. As a starter Dr. Thomas Feist was handed over the project at its conceptual phase at the parliament - We rely on the effect of the community for mutual support and a valuable exchange of ideas and especially for a sustainable collaboration with Politics.


Starting in Russia: The first champion course occurred in an orphanage near Moscow. Along with the course presentation by the sponsors UTS, the participants were given an overview of the course – all the way from Germany, Ronald Bracholdt reported the results of the course. Afterwards, all participants gathered to socialise by planting some trees. And: instead of one planned course, two courses might take place after the arisen interest of participants revealed to the sponsors.