Learning and Working abroad

Intercultural experiences enrich our life. At the same time they offer manifold opportunities to support the personal development. 

Living abroad enriches your personal life. It provides multiple experiences and helps you to acquire capabilities which are not existent at home. YOUTH GLOBE teams work globally and can inform you about possibilities to learn and work in other countries.

At the same time, we warn against promises that will not be made. Living abroad is not equal to the entry in the paradise. Please carefully think about before you dedicate any resources, be it time or money. For example, Germany is urgently looking for skilled workers in various industries (healthcare, logistics and tourism). Without a fluent command of German language and specific skills the likelihood of finding a proper employment decreases tremendously. In addition to these skills personal engagement and professionalism are highly regarded in the German labor market.

The regional teams offer round tables to inform you about conditions for learning and working abroad. 

Please find further information and concrete dates here .