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YOUTH GLOBE is a network for young people between the age of 14 and 25. Our objective is to support YOUTH GLOBE members (Globers) by providing them with a platform which creates opportunity to:

  • Set goals, pursue them, and thus live proactively
  • Work together to develop their values and live by them
  • Build international contacts and support one another
  • Develop their talents in order to build the inspiration to self-motivation

Supported by our partners such as LMI, we direct our focus on the personal development of our members and the realization of their desires and talents. On YOUTH GLOBE, young people can showcase their talents whilst developing the community throughout the „MAKING OF A CHAMPION COURSE“ (MOC course).
In addition, we encourage intercultural exchange through the YOUTH GLOBE events that we organize. These events help the younger generation emerge effectively in the day to day life and see through common stereotypes and misunderstanding.
We rely on the effect of the community for mutual support and a valuable exchange of ideas.

To catch a glimpse of our activities through Facebook:

As well as through our YouTube Channel: